Chinese medicine,exercise and fertility

When trying to conceive it is important that any exercise regime is carefully balanced, whilst exercise has many benefits like strengthening the body,oxygenating tissues,eliminating toxins and alleviating stress, too much exercise can be as harmful as too little. Chinese medicine believes that too much exercise when trying to conceive can cause a depletion of Yin and oestrogen in the body. Strengthening exercises which may mainly concentrate on the skeletal system can drain energy away from the reproductive system.

You should try and develop an exercise program as part of your preparations for trying to conceive, a well planned exercise regime will give you a body fit and ready for pregnancy. Moderate exercise three or four days a week for 30 mins including things like cycling,walking or light weights will be more than enough.

If you have any health complications or worries about exercising whilst trying to conceive then you should consult your doctor for advice.


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